Society’s ills largely stem from the breakdown of family life

Increasing divorce and separation rates may be seen as evidence of the decay of a society. However, it is not just divorce and separation that harms society but bad family life of which divorce and separation is just another symptom. 

Societal ills to a large extent likely stem from the breakdown of family life. No one gets to choose where they are born or what family they belong to and this shapes a big part of who they are and how they view others and themselves. People who grow up under the conditions of poor family life are more likely to suffer from mental health issues, have a harder time connecting with and forming strong and healthy relationships with others and are more likely than their counterparts from stable family units to engage in criminal behaviours. This is obviously not to say that everyone from a broken home or poor family life conditions experiences these negative effects but that the possibility or likelihood is higher for them than people from more stable homes. 

I use broken families here because while divorce and separation are what is most often studied when thinking about poor family relationships, some people or families never experience the pain of divorce and separation but don’t necessarily have a stable family life. 

There needs to be more focus on family education and less focus on the self-centred message of only looking to one’s own welfare. We need to learn to look outside of ourselves in a way that does good for society but does not harm our welfare.  

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